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Distilled Water is great for you – but what does distilled water taste like? Does distilled water have a taste?

My name is Frank Mendez from WaterDIstillers.com and thank you for joining us. One of the questions we get quite a bit is: “How Does Distilled Water Taste?”
A lot of people who give us a call say, “We have heard that it has no taste at all.” And I can certainly understand that because the water you have been drinking has all sorts of contaminates in it. So it has all different kinds of tastes that can change for you.

The Taste of Purity

Now the taste of distilled water – the most accurate way to describe it – is really that it DOES have a taste and that taste is of purity.
Once you have been drinking distilled water for maybe a month or two you’ll know the difference between distilled water and not-distilled water or even RO (Reverse Osmosis) or charcoal filtered water. Now you can only do that if it has a taste. So it does have a taste. And again, your taste buds will detect that because you have been drinking distilled water.

Which One Will The Animal Pick?

Now an interesting thing about taste when I get questions about it is this example. Now lets say a dog or a cat or a horse has pond water, tap water, and distilled water put in front of them – they will drink each one of those types of waters because that’s the best that is available. Now we know that that’s not the best available for you. The best would be the highest purity of water you can get be it charcoal filtered, reversed osmosis, or the very best will be distilled water. So if you are taking in any of those you are really helping yourself but you are not quite there yet.
Now going back to the example with the dog, cat or horse, it doesn’t take them but a time or two to go to distilled water and drink the distilled water when they have the options. It has a taste. Their body knows that is the taste of purity and that’s really what is best for their body.
Now dogs and cats and animals like horses they do not READ so they can’t be influenced by any sort of publication. They can’t be sold, so its not someone letting them know that distilled water is the best for them. But they know by the taste of purity, and once again it’s taste – and it’s the best water for them. Cats, especially, go very quickly to it because they have so many kidney issues with chlorine. Let me also tell you a story about the famous race horse Secretariat drank nothing but distilled water and there is a lot of reasons for that and I want you to just think why that might be.

What Can You Expect From Distilled Water?

Now going back to taste once again, there is another thing people sometimes say, “What can expect if I am tasting nothing initially? What are the other possibilities?” Well the other possibility is that you get a real bad taste in your mouth. Now that is not the distilled water. To give you an idea the distilled water has a great or sweet taste to it once you understand what that taste is. But what that could be is that the distilled water is cleansing or detoxifying your taste buds or your mouth.
So if anyone says they got a bad taste in their mouth this may surprise you but that is because they are tasting their own mouth. The taste buds are cleansed and now they can taste their own mouth. By the way that goes away really quickly so you don’t need to be too concerned about that. But I tell people if they have really been drinking toxic water or they are trying to detoxify, rinse your mouth and taste buds out several times and then begin drinking the distilled water.
S0 it’ the best taste your going to get and after you have been drinking it for a while it will be the only taste that is acceptable. Thank you for tuning into WaterDistillers.com, my name is Frank.

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