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Our Emergency Non Electric Survival Fire Distiller (also known as SurvivalStill), off or on the grid, is the Ultimate Global Emergency non electric water purification system. Our survival still provides the purest and safest drinking water for survival or emergency situations such as Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, earthquakes,tsunamis,floods,terrorism,extreme weather alerts, plaques, zombies,power grid failures, and unforeseen natural and man made disasters.  Our emergency non electric water still IS the ultimate water purification system for potential or actual disasters such as Hurricane Sandy (which can happen with only a few or no days notice). Health professionals and First responders can also use our Emergency non electric Survival fire distiller for health, hydration,medical, pharmaceutical, and dental use.  Our emergency non electric survival water still is designed for fresh water or salt water purification and to be sturdy,require minimum space and to backpack and GO.
Hurricane Sandy will be remembered. Be Prepared ..Be Safe…Be hydrated…and Be Prayerful .

How To Use Pots with the SurvivalStill

Emergency Strategies Using The Survival Fire Distiller

newsurvivalstill195(Note: Standard Household Pots Not Included)

The bottom pot should provide a stable base and should have an inner diameter no smaller than 9″ and an outer diameter no larger than 11″. The top pot should have a bottom diameter no smaller than 8 5/8″ and no greater than 9 5/8″. The top pot should be made of stainless steel, be clean on the bottom and hold at least 8 to 12 quarts of water. The bottom pot does not need to be stainless steel.

Emergency survival situations require special attention.  Our brand new survival non-electric, life-saving, Survival Still steam fire distiller is the clear choice designed for emergencies, survivalists, natural and man-made catastophes, infrastructure failures, power outages, camping, travel, peace-of-mind, and is a primary or back up water distiller system…


(pots not included)

The Fire Water Distiller (SurvivalStill) is a new non-electric water distiller that is designed for survival, emergency, and camping situations.  Using the heat from a fire, the fire water distiller will help you make distilled water from any source water including even ocean water.  This water purification process, called distillation, removes harmful contaminants using boiling water processes that mimic the natural purification of water just like mother nature.  Drinking distilled water is a wise water decision in an emergency situation or if you are in a survival mode.

Fire Water Distiller – Non-Electric Water Distiller survival still

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Emergency survival situations require special attention. Our brand new survival non-electric, life-saving, Survival Still steam fire distiller is the clear choice designed for emergencies, survivalists, natural and man-made catastophes, infrastructure failures, power outages, camping, travel, peace-of-mind, and is a primary or back up water distiller system…

This Fire Distiller, Non-Electric Fire water distiller (survival still) turns any water into sterile, distilled high-purity water.

The Survival Fire Distiller is a heavy-duty stainless steel non-electric water distiller that purifies water by boiling the water and collecting only the pure steam (a process called distillation). The result; distilled pure water from any source. If you’re in an emergency, you can purify water from a pond, a stream, mud hole, or even the ocean for an indefinite period of time.

Yes….The Clear Choice is the Fire Water Distiller survival still – which …

    • Turns any water into sterile, high-purity distilled water for as long as needed
    • The resulting water is FAR superior to any filter, reverse osmosis system, or any other non-distilled water purification system
    • Will convert ocean water into high-purity drinking water
    • Allows you to become completely water-independent during an emergency or loss of power
    • Is compact and light (Only 12 inches across X 12 inches deep x 4 inches high)
    • Designed to be used with most of your existing pots and pans which saves you money and gives you greater usage flexibility along with easier storage
    • and much more…

How effective is this non-electric survival water distiller?

A third party certified lab test proved the effectiveness of the fire distiller at purifying ocean water. The ocean water started with over 30,000 parts per million (ppm) of contaminants, compared with tap water which averages about 300 ppm. The Survival Fire Distiller produced high purity water with only 3 ppm (which is better than most bottled waters). Since the Survival Fire Distiller uses the process of distillation, these results will stay the same for the life of the device, which could easily be decades.

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Order now for a special price of $279 includes shipping to continental USA

Filters just aren’t good enough in an emergency!

The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), and the American Red Cross recommend only three ways to purify water during an emergency; boiling, chemical disinfection and distillation. Filters of any kind are not recommended because they cannot be relied upon if there are dangerous biological contaminants in the water. Distillation offers the BEST protection from biologicals, and produces high-purity water. See for yourself (Click for links to FEMA and the Red Cross).

Ten reasons you should buy a Fire Water Distiller survival still now.

During an emergency, water supplies are often disrupted, sometimes for a long time. Without a safe supply of drinking water, even the healthiest people can become severely ill within days and not be able to look after their family or provide help where it’s needed.

You don’t know when or where an emergency situation will strike. One of the largest earthquakes ever to hit the USA was in Missouri! Earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding can leave homes without a safe supply of water for weeks or longer.

If the electric grid fails water treatment plants will shut down. The Northeast Blackout of 2003 shut down water treatment plants and caused tap water to be contaminated with raw sewage, in some places this problem lasted for weeks.

The White House has repeatedly warned of the threat of terrorism against our water supplies and the need for individuals to prepare themselves. An Al-Qaeda group was captured in Rome trying to poison the water supplies of the US Embassy.

Today, even more significant threats are possible. Iran has threatened to attack us with cyber attacks or an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) which have the potential to critically damage our electric infrastructure.

In most cases, biological contamination of the water supply is the most serious type of water emergency. The Japanese Fukushima Nuclear accident, however, demonstrates that water can also become severely contaminated with toxic metals, chemicals or even radioactive contaminants.

Yes, you should store some bottled water, but there is no guarantee that an emergency will be short term nor that the government will be able to quickly respond to help people. The Survival Still allows you to be completely water-independent during an emergency.

Each of us needs to be as self-reliant as possible during an emergency so we are able to focus on other issues that really matter, such as taking care of our family and helping the community.

The Survival Still is inexpensive, small (only 1 foot x 1 foot x 4 inches) and light, so it’s easy to store away in your closet. Buy it and forget about it, until the day that you need a supply of safe, high-purity water.

If you still need a few other reasons; it’s great for camping, and it’s an excellent educational tool to teach children about distillation.

Order now for a special price of $279 includes shipping to Continental USA

Interested in selling this Distiller?  We are looking for ethical people to join us as dealers.  Call 612-701-7820 to find out about how you can become a Survival Still Dealer.

Construction: The Fire Distiller Survival Still is made with heavy duty, 304 grade, 18 gauge stainless steel,Package Includes: Two Piece Survival Still, High-Temp Silicone Tubing, Instruction Manual, Product Key for a Free E-Book titled, “How to Use the Survival Still to Save your Life”. **Pots and collection bottle are not included.**

Patents: Pending

Raw Water Requirements: Water should not contain high-levels of flammable chemicals. User should always use the cleanest water available. Other warnings in the instruction manual.

Performance: Third-party testing demonstrated the reduction of contaminated ocean water from over 30,000 parts per million (ppm) to less than 3 ppm. Testing on other distillers has shown 99+% removal of uranium, cesium, and other metals, as well as excellent removal of petroleum-based chemicals. No claim is made that the Survival Still is perfect or that it offers 100% removal of contaminants, because there is no water treatment process that is perfect nor is there such a thing as 100% pure water.

Production Rate: The production rate depends upon the amount of heat/energy you put into the boiling water. Our tests showed a rate of 1/2 gallon of distilled water per hour.

Order now for a special price of $279 includes shipping to continental USA

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