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Let me talk about fluoride and I’ll just give you some bullet points
– It’s the number one rat poison used in the world today
– The United States is one of the few countries, maybe it’s two, maybe they’re the only country by now, that uses fluoridated water or allows it to be put into your water.

Rat Poison?

The other thing you should really be looking at is you should be questioned that because if it’s the number one rat poison used in the world today and we are the only country that is using it, and if other countries are outlawing it – why do we use it?

Well you can take a look at that and you’ll come up with answers on your own, but let me give you some more information about that and that’s; doctors – and if you take a look at this when you go to their offices – it’s a topical application. They don’t make you drink it and they are very, very careful, especially with children, that they don’t leave a fluoridated treatment on their mouth too young because its poison. And you’re saying how can they do that? Well they put your toothpaste? It’s in your toothpaste – take a look at and it says that it is fluoridated. And if you want to take a look – it says to call the Poison Control Center if you consume the amount that you need to brush your teeth!
Wow – Now get your toothpaste and put it in some boiling water – have a nice clean pan – see what you see at the bottom after you boil that – you’re going to be surprised – and I am not going to tell you need… you need to do it yourself .

World War II

Fluoride was used in higher concentrations in World War II to basically make people more tranquil in these camps that were found in Germany and basically made people less thoughtful and their thought-processes are slowed down and again these are higher dose uses. but I’m just trying to give you an idea what effect it can have on you and then you can build it up over the years in your body.

You’ll read things and you’ll see things that say it’s cancer-producing but again you have to read into it you have to take a look and evaluate that yourself.

Questions To Ask

But isn’t it interesting. And this is what threw me back, if I know all these things about fluoride then why is a put in our water? If the powers that be where so interested in making sure I’m healthy why don’t they put vitamin C in the water? Why don’t they put something else in the water? Why are they injecting something in their water that I don’t have a prescription for or that I didn’t ask for? You see that is the question you have to yourself.

So anyway, fluoride again is a big problem for me – you need to look into it – need to do something about that – you need to remove it from your water.

Remember the water that has fluoride is the same water that goes into your canned foods. It’s the same water that goes into processed foods. It is the same water that you drink out of your tap… So you’re being inundated by fluoride so you need to detoxify yourself and make sure you not consuming more of it, and the only way to do that really is to drink distilled water which carries those toxins out of your body and help make you healthier.  So drink distilled water.

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