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Carbon post-filter cup used with Nautilus water distillers and the Dolfyn- AR18 Water distiller. (works on some waterwise, millenium, and Dove distillers)


Replace filters every 2 months

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Dolfyn Water Distillers

Nautilus Countertop Distiller

Dolfyn A30D Water Distiller Head

Dol-fyn AR18 Water Distiller 

Dolfyn ARS 2000 Water Distiller

Dol-fyn ARS 3000 Water Distiller 

Dolfyn Water Distiller Demand Pump and Faucet

Maintenance Kit for Dolfyn Distillers

Cup Filters for West Bend/Dolfyn Distillers

Descaler/Cleaner for West Bend/Dolfyn Distillers


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