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West Bend Heating Element for A30D Water Distiller P417-109



Float gasket


West Bend Heating Element O-Ring For A30D Water Distiller P171-72DolfynP171-72


Float gasket


West Bend Fan Motor for A30D/A50D Distiller P129-201 Dolfynp29-201A


Float gasket

West Bend Water Distiller Fan Blade for Fan Motor A30D/A50D P96-38 Dolfynp96-38


Float gasket


West Bend Water Solenoid Inlet Valve For A30D Water Distillers Dolfynp51-16


Float gasket


West Bend Micro-switch  for A30D Distiller KP31SW047 (replaces KP31SW031) DolfynKP31SW047


Float gasket


West Bend Thermal Reset Switch (thermodisc) for A30D Distillers KAO6HC343



Float gasket


West Bend Boiler RetroFit Kit Cord Set for A30D Distiller P255-74D DolfynP255-74D



Float gasket

Maintenance Kit For West Bend Distillers  (6 Cup Filters & 2 lb. Descaler)


$64.95 (Price Includes USA Shipping)

Float gasket

West Bend Boiler Complete A30D Water Distiller P4-305HDolfynP4-305H


Currently back Ordered – call 612-701-7820 to get on waiting list


West Bend Boiler Cover Lid for A30D Water Distiller Boiler P516-2F Dolfynp516-2F


Float gasket


West Bend Float Switch For A30D Water Distiller KP31SW033 DolfynKp31sw033



Float gasket

Wesst Bend 6-Pack Cup Filter for West Bend & Nautilus Water Distillers


$39.95 with Free Continental USA Shipping (48 State)

Float gasket

West Bend Condenser Coil For the A30D Water Distiller P79-126 P79-126



Float gasket

West Bend Boiler Gasket For A30D Boiler P170-72



Float gasket

West Bend 2 LB. Water Distiller Descaler for All Boiling Tanks


Float gasket

West Bend Distiller Cutaway
West Bend Cutaway Image

We have all parts available please call 612-701-7820 anytime or 888-477-7912 (7 AM -10 PM) for details.

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