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Another question that we commonly get is, “What’s the pH of distilled water?”
And I understand that question because some people want to have their water more alkaline and don’t want acidic type water.

Well, first of all, let me declare that distilled water is the closest to your blood’s pH that you can put into your system. Doctors, and anytime you life is in jeopardy, it is distilled water that is put into your veins with whatever the doctor or medical professional thinks that you need to save your life and to keep you healthy. So distilled water is put into your body because it is the closest to your body’s and bloods pH.

Now distilled water is slightly acidic – not a whole lot acidic – but slightly acidic. It is just below 7.0 (which is neutral) – 6.9 in most cases. So I tell people, when they say that it is acidic, that it is slightly acidic but it would have no effect in reference to your pH balance. Well someone says, “Well I think so!” OK, well then if you think so then do this as well; When it come to balancing you pH go to your greens – your dark greens or take supplements that will elevate you pH to above 7.

For those people that have a concern about alkalinity in their water – don’t look for it in your water. There is a lot of natural alkalinity called calcium carbonate – so a lot of filters or RO systems will not reduce calcium carbonate which is cement or limestone which is then what you are drinking! Those would also create a higher base pH for you so you are no longer acidic.

My point is there are a lot of different things you can take, but natural water which may have a pH slightly above 7 may be full of cement – and you are drinking cement and taking in other contaminants.

So make sure you buy quality products that are great supplements if you need to raise your pH or you can just quite simply get it out of your dark green foods.

Good luck with your health and I am glad we can help you. If you have any further questions please give us a call at 612-701-7820.

Frank Mendez – WaterDistillers.com

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