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We get a lot of calls and people who have cancer give us a call and tell me that their doctors have finally suggested this to them (drinking distilled water that is) because they need to be less toxic. – and they need to be less toxic to fight off whatever illness they may have be it cancer or something else.

Help With Medications
And a lot of times they will drink distilled water because of some of the medications they have been taking so that the toxicity from those medications don’t cause any bad reactions. People that have different illnesses will used distilled water to make their medication more effective. And I share that with you because I don’t know where you are at. You can be anywhere and if your water is impure – if it has all of these problems with it – you can have the best medicine but bad water won’t help – like the example of a third world country where the water you know is very bad. Give them all the medications that they want but if that water is bad and not the healthiest one for them then the medication is not going to work anywhere near as well or be beneficial to them. In fact, you are probably wasting most of it and the patient is getting weaker

Healthy Water
So you have to provide a healthy water – the healthiest water possible – when you have an illness. Distilled water is put in your veins when you are in the hospital and when they give you an IV it’s with distilled water. And its NOT Rocky Mountain’s best spring water, or RO (reverse Osmosis) Water, or filtered water – It’s DISTILLED WATER because it allows the medication to work better in you because it is not interfered with and it also takes out the contaminants or the illness that is in your body as well.

My Health Journey
It’s really a fact that distilled water is going to keep you healthier. My example – I had a situation where I had several operations and they thought each one was .going to be cancerous. But it took them a long time to figure out what the problem was. But during that time all I knew was that I was sick and there was illness inside of me and I had to detoxify. So I drank a gallon and a half of distilled water per day over the course of the year. I didn’t have cancer, but I knew my body was poisoned for some reason and I knew I was sick. And I drank a lot of distilled water – I went to the bathroom a lot –too – it was well worth it!  An inevitably they found out what the issues were and thank God those issues are behind.

My point to you is: It was distilled water that kept me out of the emergency room while I figured out what the problem was. So if you have health issues consider to drink distilled water.

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