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Nautilus Water Distillers

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There are no complicated hookups or plumbing installation requirements. Just unpack and plug in to any standard 110/120 volt electrical outlet.
Simple Steps for Distilled Water using the Nautilus distiller:
– Fill the boiling chamber with tap water
– Push the start button and walk away.
Four hours later you can return to one full gallon of the best tasting water you can buy or produce at home.
This portable, lightweight distiller is easy to operate and maintain, presenting a pleasing and compact appearance on the countertop.
15-1/8″high x 16″ long x 9-5/8″wide
10 pounds
Distilled Water Production:
One gallon/approximately four hours 20 minutes @ 120Volts, 60 Hz
Batch size = one gallon

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Nautilus Distiller                 Nautilus plus maintenance kit         Nautilus Plus Bottles

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