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This water distiller from Tuttnauer (Model 7000 Dental Water Distiller) is the same water distiller as the Dolfyn AR18 that was previously manufactured by West Bend.  It is perfect for use in Dental offices and its ease of operation makes it ideal for any medical, dental, or laboratory application.  This Model 7000 Steam distiller features automatic water fill and stainless steel reservoir available in 3.5 , 8, and 12 gallon sizes). This water distiller provides pure water that is 99% free of any total dissolved solids.

 SPECIAL Tuttnauer/Dolfyn BUNDLE OFFER - A Maintenance Kit With Purchase! (see below)

If you are considering the Tuttnauer 7000 Water distiller then you should know it is the same as the Dolfyn AR18 distiller formerly manufactured by West Bend. It is a counter top water distiller with a 3.5 gallon tank (8 Gallon and 12 gallon tanks available).  Hook up to a water line and the distiller automatically operates to keep the storage tank full which makes it ideal for dental offices and medical offices. (The Tuttnauer 7000 is the same as the Dolfyn AR18 formerly manufactured by West Bend) Tuttnauer7000raw  StraightArrowRightdolfynmaintenance Dolfyn AR18 7000 Water Distiller (Same as the Tuttnauer Water Distiller Model 7000)) Distilling Capacity 1 Gallons every 4 hours Storage Capacity 3.75 Gallons  (8 gallon and 12 gallon available) Stainless Steel Boiling Tank 9.25" W X 16" Deep X 15" High Weight 10 Lbs. 120 VAC/60HZ Made in the U.S.A. Regular Price $2999

YOUR PRICE $1349.00 with free Shipping to Continental USA (includes Maintenace kit: Descaler and 6 Post Filters)

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