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Thank you so much for coming to us at WaterDistillers.com.  You’ve come to us because you are looking for an affordable water distiller. And it is really easy to take a look to see some water distillers that are maybe more affordable for you.

We Want A Good Price

It is really natural for us to want to get a distiller that is priced less than another.  But if I could only say one thing, I’d say when you look for distillers make sure it is only a Made in the U.S.A.  If they say American this or American that – it has to say Made in the U.S.A. or Made in Canada.  Those are absolutely the two best distillers to buy. Anything else is made out of the country and they are really disposables!  They are really throwaways – and they come in different configurations. Some are like coffee carafes and the have the bottle that is set aside, and some are square. But you will notice most of them look like they are plastic – they are white.

Metal & Plastic Expand at Different Rates

And let me just share one thing with you.  Metal and plastic expand at two different rates. Now we all know that.   So how do you expect a distiller that is made out of those products to not tear apart?   It has to because it is expanding and contracting at different rates all the time. So that is one problem you are going to have with it, so it is not going to last very long. Most of those distillers will only last about a year.  Some of them that were previously made – like 9 years ago – actually those lasted a lot longer. But somehow they decided to lower the prices to make it more affordable and at the same time so they lost their longevity and reliance.

Also, the USA ones are stainless steel – the others are plastic – they may have a stainless steel boiling chamber in it, but that is even suspect because if you use certain cleaners on those like we have the boiling chambers start rusting.   Well if it is quality stainless steel you can use the top cleaners that you want to and it is not going to rust. In fact, it is just going to clean it well.

It Must Say “Made in the U.S.A.”

There is a huge difference.  So if you are spending $65, $75, $95 even $200 – you may even find them all the way up to $400 or $500 and they are not made in the United States. If it doesn’t say Made in the United States then you can be absolutely sure it is not made the United States because any product that is made in the United States is gonna declare it.

All our products are made in United States or Canada. Let me not forget dear Canada, they are great distillers to buy as long as they are stainless steel. So you don’t want to invest in these Non-USA distillers and I can understand you wanting to purchase one of those because that would be natural. But some of you have already purchased those and now are looking for something else and have landed here and you know that I’m telling you exactly the way it is and you will enjoy this distiller (shown the Mini Classic CT). And this type of distiller is so easy to replace components and the company’s been around for over 40 years. It’s solid and it’s gonna last you probably another 40 to 60 years.

So that’s why you want to buy United States or Canadian-made water distillers because of their quality, as well as … you know they’re made in United States – so there’s value to that as well. Alright, if they’re made in the United States or Canada you have made a great investment, if not your investment probably is very short-term and so for your health and for your budget you want to buy a United States made water distiller or Canadian-made. All our water distillers that we carry, beyond this one, are all made in United States or Canada – you can be very comfortable and confident in those and your investment is much better with these distillers than with any other distillers you’re gonna buy.  Call me if you have questions about any distiller.

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