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Distilled Water for Cleansing and a Happy Body!

CLICK HERE To Email this article to a friend Frank Mendez from WaterDistiller.com discusses his journey with Distilled water and how distilled water can be great for cleansing and making your body happy! My Biggest Concern Health was my...

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Water Distillers for Essential Oils

CLICK HERE To Email this article to a friend Water distillers are used by a lot of different industries for a lot of different things. Pharmaceuticals are made with them, intravenous applications at hospitals, and they are...

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The Gift of Good Health, Water and the Mayo Clinic

I received this information from a friend and I thought it should be shared with you and your loved ones.. With the Christmas Holiday upon us and a New Year in the offing, I thought the following health tips would be useful to all, especially Seniors. THE GIFT OF GOOD...

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Make Your Water Great Again!

CLICK HERE To Email this article to a friend Do you believe that there is "dirt" that is in your water. Watch this quick video from Frank Mendez of WaterDistillers.com about what you find in your tap water.  You'll be...

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Is Fluoride In Water Good For You?

CLICK HERE To Email this article to a friend Let me talk about fluoride and I’ll just give you some bullet points - It's the number one rat poison used in the world today - The United States is one of the few countries,...

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Drinking Water Treatment – Does The Government Allow For Harmful Drinking Water?

Frank Mendez from WaterDistillers.com talks about Drinking Water Treatment Click HERE to view video on government drinking water treatment.

VIDEO: Is Chlorine In Water Bad?

Water Distillers – Protection From Toxins