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Frank Mendez from WaterDistiller.com discusses his journey with Distilled water and how distilled water can be great for cleansing and making your body happy!

My Biggest Concern

Health was my biggest first concern and what really drove me to distilled water 25 years ago. It was a journey for me and finally I ended up drinking distilled water after 3 years.

So I would suggest if you are on that journey go through quickly with it and you will end up drinking distilled water.

Dr. Carey A Reams

Let me give someone else’s name here who you should consider in respect to drinking distilled water. His name is Doctor Carey A. Reams – once again a doctor. He was referred to and he was noted in a book by Salem Kirban in reference to a health guide for survival.

This is what Doctor Carey A. Reams says, “One of the most important is the distilled water cleansing program – he is referring to health. Although most people don’t realize it they have a lot of sugar, including white sugar, sugar from honey and sugar from fruit packed into their muscles and fatty tissues. It is packed in there because their sugar metabolism wasn’t functioning properly. Their body neither burnt those sugars for energy nor excreted them. Until these stored sugars are flushed out of the system. The body may release them into the blood at any time.Disrupting the blood sugar level, the distilled water cleaning program is designed to rid the body of these sugars thus clearing the way for a stable blood sugar level.

Doctor Carey’s response to what else you can do to help the hypoglycemic state. He also stated in that article that “drinking distilled water would help alleviate this problem of pectoris heart attack.” Again these are doctors putting their names behind distilled water that are well known.

Extreme fatigue, nervous tension, wrinkles in the forehead all will be alleviasted from the drinking of distilled water,” says Doctor Reams.

Isn’t that something? And it is the truth.

So please consider distilled water and know that it is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself and this is stated by an overwhelming number of scientists and professionals that deal with water.

So thank you again – and Frank Mendez also say, by the way, “Drink distilled water!”

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