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Durastill 80CWDT Water Distiller Tank

Durastill 80CWDT


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Durastill 80CWDT Water Distiller Tank  5stars

Price $1364.00 & Free Shipping to the Continental USA

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  • 80 Gallons capacity
  • Comemrcial Distiller tank Only 
  • Pair with 42CWDH Commercial Distiller Head
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Holds 310 liters
  • Height 52 inches
  • Diameter 23.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight 95 lbs.


Serving Government Agencies

Important Information:

 We have complete systems that can produce 120 gallons per day, 160 gallons per day, and 200 gallons per day.  Please call 612-701-7820 for custom system details using Durastill commercial water distiller components.

Modular and Movable.  Great for high capacity commercial applications like high capacity large commercial, high capacity large industrial, high capacity  hospital and pharmaceutical, mhigh capacity military installations and bases, and high capacity industrial applications.

High capacity water distiller for pure water drinking applications and situations where high capacity salt water treatment or high capacity  ocean water, sea water treatment, or emergency applications like after a natural disaster or flood.  Also applicable for use in the production of essential oils or other labratory uses.

Pair With this Tank

Durastill 80CWDH 42 gallon per day Distiller Head





For Applications requiring a larger tank and production capacities (120 gallon, 150 gallon, 160 gallon, and 2300 gallon per day) please call 612-701-7820 and inquire about the our other commercial water distiller tanks and heads.



Call us for custom commercial installations for offices, medical clinics, hospitals, government facilities or other special high volume situations. 612-701-7820

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