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Want to know how to make distilled water? Frank first describes what distilled water is:
What is Distilled Water?
Here is how to make distilled water using home made water distillers (video quality rough):

The following “GREEN KETTLE” video is not suggested or an endorsed method on how to build a home made water distiller.  The “Green Kettle” video is presented for conceptual reasons to stimulate your creative abilities enabling you to personally experiment and improve on this homemade water distiller presentation.

It is also presented to motivate different ideas on how to make distilled water by using your imagination, eclectic , inexpensive materials readily available around your home or office.

The “Green Kettle” video concepts would be used for emergency, non-electrical, survival purposes therefore there is no emphasis or details on the drawbacks of using platsics, aluminum, or whatever eclectic materials you can find.

How to Make Distilled Water

The best home made to make distilled water: use one of our home water distillers or the best non-electric, emergency, survival, fire, or camping water distiller – the Fire Distiller.  Our stainless steel, made in the U.S.A. water disitller component (you can use your own pans) is the best way to make your own home made or professionally made distilled water watch the video:

This distiller can work for survival, back pack, non-electric emergency situations or for camping.  You can distill sea water, ocean water, or any salt or brine water.

However many argue that the best way to make distilled water is to use one of our home or office Steam water distillers.

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