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I get a lot of different questions that are asked of me daily and one of them is what is the difference between Filtered Water and RO (reverse osmosis) Water and Distilled Water. That’s a great question because I basically went through that process 25 years ago because I knew that the water was not pure and I needed to do something about that.

Filtered Water

I first started looking at my water quality by going to filtered water because it was the least expensive and I thought this was going to do the job. Well filtered water or charcoal filtered water is great and it is great as a “team.” But when it stands alone by itself it only removes certain types of contaminants that you find in your water. But what it really does is improve your taste, by the way. So when I took a look at that and go it improves my taste but how about all those other contaminants that are not taken out of my water – are they still in there? And the answer is yes. They are still in there. And you probably have out of all the contaminants in that water about 2 to 4 % that are taken out by that filter so you have about 96% vulnerability there. The bottom line is that when it comes to charcoal filters and for people that are using them – I compliment you for using them because you are on a journey towards distilled water. You may not know that – and I did not know that when I started doing that. But basically charcoal filtered water when it is standing alone is just sweetening your poison. So all of the contaminants are still in there and it tastes good – so you think it is good. That’s not true. So you need more than taste to qualify as a good drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis – RO Water

Now RO Systems (Reverse Osmosis) are kind of nice too but they are basically a reduction system. It’s a membrane system that also teams up with charcoal filters and sediment filters ahead of it to help elevate the purity of water. Now RO systems take out a lot more contaminants but it is a reduction system. It is not an elimination system. Most of the toxins and poisons and anything else you may be really concerned with, especially if you have health issues or you want to maintain a great health, are still in your water. So if you had a lot of poison in your water it is going to reduce the amount of poison in your water but you still are going to have poison in your water. So you need to know that and once again those people who have RO systems I congratulate you for taking that step because you are on your way to better health.

With my chemical background it is amazing I was slow at progressing through the different water systems that are now available – and yes I had an RO system. But once I realized it was a reduction system and a lot of your contaminants that are in there such as fluoride and other contaminants that are found in your water may not be removed at all or just barely remove them. Once again it is good that you have that. You are doing something good for your family and for your health, but you are not taking the greatest step you can make of all and that is going to distilled water.

Distilled Water

Now I know a lot of you have heard that distilled water takes everything out – its just too pure. Well, by the way, we sell filters, and RO systems and distilled water systems because so much information is out there on those items and yes they do have a place and they will improve your water quality and they can improve your health, but the filters and RO systems have a minimum ability to do that. But most critics of distilled water say that it’s too pure and you need total dissolved solids or you need contaminants in your water or you need some sort of trace minerals or – it’s just too clean or too pure. Well that’s not correct.

Is distilled water too pure?

A distiller gives you pure H2O. Trace minerals may or may not be found in your water and there in such small amounts that is not really anything you should take a look at or look for in your water supply. You should be looking for the highest purity of water and if you are looking for trace minerals get it in supplemental form or eat it in your dark greens. Dark greens also, for those who have ph concerns, are there for you so those are bases that will help you as well. You have other alternatives to take.

Distilled water now cleans the slate. Manufacturers or those who produce products want the slate to be totally clean. They don’t want to take whatever water is available even though it may have a trace mineral that they want. But the problem is it has all of these other contaminants in the water which change the product quality and they have no control over it. You don’t want that. You want control of your health, you want control of your water, and you want to invest in something that gives you the maximum product for your investment. It is distilled water that will do that.

Many of you have heard of a lot of different things or you will hear this or that about distilled water. I really invite you to give me a call at 612-701-7820. We do have a blog by the way – we will be happy to converse with you on the blog or give us a call and we will be happy to either address that directly with you or someone else who says distilled water is not the best to drink. By the way, distilled water is what you put directly in your veins when you go to the hospital to save your life. It’s not the best spring water, it’s not the best RO water, it’s not charcoal filtered water – but it is distilled water. So distilled water uses these other things to put package together that is second to none. So drink distilled water and give us a call if you have any questions or doubts. We really invite those questions and we really understand why you may have those concerns and doubts as well.

By Frank Mendez with WaterDistillers.com

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