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Hello doctors, dentists, professional pharmaceutical people or anyone in a high level of water purity company.
We need to put you on alert because a lot of your autoclaves, the brand new ones coming out, they are geared to a total of 5 tds or less.
Now some of the newer machinery that you have available to you actually is even more sensitive to that and are actually rejecting tds levels up to 1 and 2 as well.

Water Distiller Alert

So my alert to you is, stay with the water distillers that you have. We have the largest selections of water distillers with all makes and brands – and I could go on and on about the different brands we have. But regardless of what brand of water distiller you have, if it is startng to reject the water, its most probably not your water distiller. It again goes back to your autoclaves that are rejecting that.
So if you are having that challenge, don’t go out and buy bottled water, which I know is what your really don’t want to do – its cumbersome and takes a lot of time and space for you as well. But give us a call, my name is Frank Mendez at 612-701-7820 – we also have an 800 Number at WaterDistillers.com (Toll Free 888-477-7912).

Whatever Type You Need

We have whatever type of water distiller you might want. and when we get calls from dentists there are all sorts of space limitations, requirements, and budgets that have to be looked at an you have a concern with.  Also you have had certain experiences with other water distillers as well.
So we respect that and we encourage people to get something that they are familiar with or if they have a challenge or if they had an issue with a previous distiller let us know what that is so that we can provide one that will not have that issue and can supplement it.  Most commonly, we have the largest selection of water distiller sin the world.
No other distributor has the menu of water distillers that we have for the dentists, pharmacists or doctors then we have available. That is something that we are really really proud of, because it is even more difficult to make sure that the manufacturers are happy because they are all jealous for their brands.

Same Look – Different Name

Now when you take a look a these you are going to find some different product names that are out there and they are more than likely private labels, and I know one thing – that no one is more competitive or knowledgeable with water distillers or has the overall experience that we do. We ship globally. We also know our water distillers backwards and forwards, so if there are any issues you have someone from your office or you can give us a call and we very successfully answer those questions and keep those distillers running for you.

We are a complete water company

So please give us a call. We are a complete water professional company and any other issues that you have in your profession dealing with water we have a solution for it along with a water distiller and we know how to keep those tds levels below and within the realm of whatever machinery you may have.

Frank Mendez – WaterDistillers.com   612-701-7820

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