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Water distillers are used by a lot of different industries for a lot of different things. Pharmaceuticals are made with them, intravenous applications at hospitals, and they are used for drinking and machinery. Most commonly the biggest expanding market is drinking.
After that it is machinery and other products such as essential oils or those type of products that people are giving us a call on.

Now a distiller can be used to produce a lot of different items for health benefits. And essential oils are one of them as well.
So for those people out there who want to produce their own essential oils because they want to save some money and have a need to do that on their own we have distillers that are made for that. Give us a call: 612-701-7820 – my name is Frank – ask about those.\

But also we are going to have supplemental videos and supplemental information for those people who don’t want to make it on their own and just want to go out and get the highest quality of essential oils that they can purchase.

So we are going to be making other videos available for you so that you can either produce or purchase items such as essential oils and other health things that you can do on your own as well as purchase.

So please look forward to a webinar that we are going to have on essential oils and other areas as well that are health concerns that are beneficial and will definitely help improve your life.

Thank you very much my name is Frank Mendez from WaterDistillers.com
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