West Bend Water Distillers (Dolfyn Water Distillers)

Dolfyn Water Distillers For Home (also referred as Dol-fyn or Dolphin) by West Bend Water Distillers.  Water distiller reviews show that the water distillation system from West Bend which is also marketed under the name of Dolfyn Water Distillers are rated as some of the top water distillers.  Available from WaterDistillers.com at the lowest prices – contact us for your water distillation needs.

Dolfyn Water Distillers by West Bend

Here are the current models from West Bend and Dolfyn that we offer (click for more information):


Nautilus Countertop Water Distiller by West Bend/Dolfyn – Manual Fill, Countertop Model, 1 Gallons per 4 hours, 1 Gallon Removable Reservoir


Dolfyn AR18 Water Distiller by West Bend – Automatic Fill, Countertop Model, 9 Gallons per day, 3.75 Gallon storage tank


Dolfyn ARS 2000 Water Distiller by West Bend – Automatic Fill,  9 Gallons per day, 7 Gallon storage tank


Dol-fyn ARS 3000 Water Distiller by West Bend – Automatic Fill,  9 Gallons per day, 12 Gallon storage tank


Dolfyn Water Distiller Demand Pump and Faucet kit by West Bend - comes with 50 feet of tubing and fittings.


Carbon Cup Postfilters for West Bend and Dolfyn Water Distillers – 6-Pack of Filters