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Thank you so much for joining us today, my name is Frank Mendez. We appreciate you tuning into us.

A Lot Of Talk About Distilled Water

There are a lot of things going on out there – a lot of people saying this and that about distilled water. But let me just share with you overwhelmingly, the experts in water and the doctors and scientists agree that distilled water is the best for your health.

What Doctor Max Gerson Said

Let me bring another name to your attention. Many of you know the name of Doctor Max Gerson and he is very famous for treating cancer. And let me read a quote to you from him (from Doctor Max Gerson), “The Gerson household kitchen has a water distiller. Gerson patients need pure water. If your municipal water supply is fluoridated It is imperative that you use distilled water for all patients and personal intake.”
That’s by Doctor Max Gerson, M.D. from the Gerson Therapy Handbook.

Thank you again for listening and please be influenced by the people and Doctor Max Gerson to consider distilled water.

My name is Frank Mendez – 612-701-7820 – www.WaterDistillers.com Thank you very much.

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