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What is Distilled Water?

What is the best way to get healthy drinking water?  Is it by water filtration, using a water softener,or  reverse osmosis systems?  Some people just resort to drinking bottled water or filtered water from a water cooler.The water you drink on a daily basis may contain a number of microscopic contaminants, along with minerals that are dissolved, such as iron and calcium. In the process of water distillation water is boiled until it changes to steam.  The steam is the allowed to cool down and condense into liquid form with the result being a purified form called distilled water.
Distilled water is typically characterized as 99.9%pure – nothing but oxygen molecules and hydrogen (H2O).  It normally has a PH level of around 7 and contains no contaminents, minerals or gases.

What is Distilled Water?

In this video Frank Mendez of www.WaterDistillers.com talks about “What Is Distilled Water?” and how a Water Distiller is a “Rain Maker in a box” providing drinking water that is purified and superior to typical water filtration systems.

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