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Return and Refund Policy

This is the refund policy of

Because of small margins and high shipping costs we want to minimize refund requests by making sure that you are purchasing exactly what you want and need.  Before we issue a refund we will take every measure possible to repair or replace your purchase so that it meets your satisfaction.  If there is nothing wrong with your purchase and you simply want a refund you may request one as long as you return the unit in the box it was sent un-opened (you are responsible for the return shipping cost).  If the box has been opened and you return it, at your expense for shipping, we will accommodate your request after deducting the greater of a $75 or 10% of purchase price restocking fee and the cost of replacing any lost or missing parts, manuals, etc. at prevailing rates.  If you purchased the distiller with shipping included in the price then the actual shipping price to you will be deducted from your refund even if the box was unopened.

Again, we will work with you to make sure you have selected the unit that is right for you.  We want you to be happy and be a life-long customer.