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Replacement for Dolfyn AR-18 Counter Top Water Distiller - 9 Gallons Per Day/ 4 Galllon Tank

  • $ 1,45900

The Dolfyn Automatic Fill Countertop Water Distiller produces – 9 gallons/day distilling capacity with a 3.75 gallon stainless steel storage tank.   This Durastill AR18 Replacement Model offers similar or superior specs.  

Compare these specs:

 Specification Dolfyn AR18 Durastill AR18 Replacement
Dimensions 17" H x 17" W X 11" Deep 19.5" H x 20" W X 16.5" Deep
Daily Production 9 Gallons per 24 hours 12 Gallons per 24 hours
Storage Tank 3 .75 Gallons 4 Gallons
Power  1200 Watts 110 Volts 1500 Watts 110 Volts
Fill Water Automatic Automatic
Boiling Drain Remove Chamber Drain faucet built in
Pre Filter Not Included 6" Pre filter Included
Post Filter (Charcoal) Cup Filter 6" Post Filter Inclluded
Price $1449 $1459


Durastill AR18 Replacement Automatic Fill Water Distiller – 12 gallons/day distilling capacity with 4 gallon stainless steel storage tank. Easy assembly.

More Information

Connects to water line for continuous automatic operation

Distiller automatically stops when storage tank is full
Incoloy (stainless steel super alloy) heating element - 1500 watt
316 Alloy stainless steel evaporator tank
Volatile gas vent system eliminates VOCs prior to condensation
Self-Sterilization Feature. With empty reserve tank, simply flip fan switch off for a couple minutes when steaming
Easily converts from Auto-fill to Manual-fill by flipping a switch, (if a tap water line is not available.)

Automatic high level control
Convenient faucet with water site gauge

Shipping weight 52 Pounds  (2 boxes)