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Commercial Water Distillers

We offer a large variety of Made-in-the-USA laboratory and commercial water distillers that have distillation capacities of up to 7000 Gallons per day (26,500 Liters per day).  We also offer custom-engineered large-volume distillation systems that can exceed that capability as well.  Buy American! offers several brands of High-Quality Laboratory Grade Commercials Water Distillers for Ultra Pure Water to be used in laboratories and commercial water distiller applications.

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For over 45 years, our laboratory and commercial water distillers have been used throughout the world to produce high-purity lab grade distilled water. Not only are our stainless steel systems durable and reliable, but they reduce water waste and are less expensive than the other laboratory water distillers. Whether your facility is a medical, dental or research laboratory, our water distillers can be configured to meet any grade of water that you need. Simply tell us what grade of water you need to achieve, and we will configure the best system to meet your specific requirements.

 Lab Distillers (Made-in-the-USA commercial   water distillers that have distillation capacities   of up to 7000 Gallons per day/26,500 Liters       per day)

WDCM-72K 630 Gallon (2385 Liter) Daily Production (Separate Tanks)

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The WDC-72K Steam Distillation System is a high-end laboratory water distiller that can be configured to meet different grades of water purity. The WDC-72K is a self-contained, heavy duty equipment that includes a water distiller, storage tank, leak detection controls, delivery pump, and a lockable door. Its rugged design and automatic drain means long life with very little maintenance.

  • Automatic operation with built-in pump
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Low maintenance with automatic contaminant draining
  • Purity sensor and alarm
  • Meets ISO and ASTM standards
  • Made in the U.S.A.