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Long-Burn Pellet Hopper for Rocket Stove Model 50 BMG

  • $ 14900

This kit fits the Bullet Proof 50 BMG Rocket Stove and allows the Stove to burn for 7+ hours.

How does this work? Gravity…. is amazing. Our wood pellet hopper automatically feeds our 50BMG rocket stove fuel without electricity.

To speed the stove up, open the ashtray and allow more air into the stove, and this in-turn causes the fuel to burn hotter and will feed more pellets into the burn chamber.

The handle on the side of the hopper allows you to easily shut down the stove, even if you have a full pellet hopper. The pellets left in the chute will fall into the burn chamber and then go out.

Includes: Hopper Assembly with shut-off, and Gravity Feed Chute.


Rocket Stove Model 50 BMG

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