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Special Bundle Emergency Survival Water Distiller Multi-Purpose Distiller and Gravity Filter Combination PLUS Rocket Stove

  • $ 65800

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This Multi-Purpose water distiller is both an emergency water distiller and a high-speed gravity water filter.  It is a Non-Electric Water Distiller that is capable of producing 8-10 Cups of fresh drinking water per hour. In high speed gravity filter mode it can produce up to 1/2 gallon of drinking water per hour.

With this emergency Multi-Purpose distiller you can:

  • Turn Ocean water into fresh drinking water - salt is removed
  • Makes virtually any contaminated water safe, drinkable, and sterile
  • Removes Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa, Heavy Metals, Salt

The Workhorse of Rocket Stoves Made In USA By Americans. The 50 BMG delivers all the power you need to use with our emergency non-electric water distillers.

The 50 BMG Rocket Stove can cook a large meal, boil water quickly, smelt lead for casting bullets and with 4″ chimney can be used as an emergency wood stove heater, tent heater, or Ice fishing heater. Highly efficient, burns very hot with very little wood. Ash tray allows the stove to run without the need to shut stove down to empty ash. Higher output, easier storage, and better air control.